Mathematics + Imagination = Coconut Boxs

Mathematics + Imagination = Coconut Boxs

How to use Mathematics as a tool to develop your kid’s personality?

Celebrate Mathematics every day with the power of Coconut Boxs because it brings new energy to your kids instantly.

Why do we use a new, easy method for teaching mathematics?

Coconut Boxs changes all this and helps children to learn mathematical concepts at the same time developing strong personality.

For Parents

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday in style with Coconut Boxs

Enjoy Fun Activities with Mathematics Insight Every Day

For Schools

Organize mathematical events to make your school No.1 in learning mathematics

Organize a training program for your teachers to make them love mathematics

Introduce Coconut Boxs to your students to make mathematics as fun as watching TV

For Teachers

Become an inspiring mathematics teacher with the help of Coconut Boxs

Introduce Coconut Boxs to your students to make love for mathematics

Volunteer for Mathematics events in your town

It’s Time Kids Start Move Beyond Basic Skills to Futuristic Skills

Basic skills are not enough for your kids to get a rewarding career in an ever-changing world. Now Introducing Coconut Boxs (for four important skills for future innovators)

Coconut Boxs for Imagination

Let your child create 1000 designs in a year!

Coconut Boxs for Creative Thinking

Let your child make 1000 connections to strengthen the brain!

Coconut Boxs for Persistence

Let your child create 1000 improvements in a year!

The Coconut Boxs… Your Kids little companion after school….

Let Your Kids Create Designs with Coconut Boxs Everyday For Months. Designed by leading educators, Coconut Boxs comes with 100% safe, natural building blocks. To make creating as a habit it comes with planning diaries and gives your child the competitive edge. So you can be confident your child will grow with learning futuristic skills.

3 Easy Steps To Achieve Results with Coconut Boxs

1. Plan

Take the Planning diary & Choose a category, Visualize & Draw your design (show planning diary and planning page image)

2. Create

Start creating the design every day at least create 5 designs

3. Reflect

After finishing, reflect your thoughts & feelings in reflection page. Note down the number of designs created.

8 Benefits of
Coconut Boxs To Your Child

Develops Mathematics Practice

Improves Love for Mathematics

Removes Fear of Mathemetics

Develops Imagination

Develops Focus

Replaces TV Watching

Replaces Computer Games

Replaces Mobile Addiction

Every Student of Greenvalley
International School uses
Coconut Boxs

I used to buy other building blocks, but Coconut Boxs made my child play with it regularly. She made it a habit to plan and make different models and she is confident that she will reach 1000 in three to four months

Kaviya, Chennai

Kaviya, Chennai

Coconut Boxs changed my child’s daily routine. Now everyday she makes at least 4 ideas. She takes responsibility for her plan that makes me happy

Shiva, Madurai

Shiva, Madurai

We never thought my child would create this many designs. Within three months, she finished 400 designs. His imagination increases everyday

Sheeta, Trivandrum

Sheeta, Trivandrum

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