How to do Mathematics Without Stress and Learn Deeply?

3 Easy Steps To Make Learning Mathematics Fun for your Kids

Coconut Boxs for Mathematics

Here is the secret behind Learning Mathematics in a creative, fun way like Finland kids, No.1 Country for Mathematics Performance among OCED countries. 3 Easy steps to make mathematics learning deeper without stress.

Touch & Feel

Easy to Repeat

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Real Power of
Coconut Boxs

Touch & Feel

  • Introduce mathematical concepts by concrete objects - Coconut Boxs teaches any mathematical concepts using building blocks

Easy to Repeat

  • Repeated practice by kids for reinforcing the concepts - Coconut Boxs workbooks are designed for easy repetition

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

  • Kids should able to see the mistakes when they solve mathematical problems - Coconut Boxs methods make it easy for children to self-correct their mistakes.

Big, Better Wooden Blocks for mathematical learning With Workbooks for practicing 1000 mathematical problems

Learn Counting

Learn Addition & Subtraction

Learn Multiplication & Division

Learn Fraction

Learn Geometry

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Why do Coconut Boxs are Best for Mathematical Learning?

Develops Mathematics Skill

Age 3 to 8 is the right time to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics creating a strong foundation

Solves 1000 problems in a fun way

Using Coconut Boxs workbook and blocks, your child can solve 1000 mathematical problems giving him enough practice.

Improves love for Addition and geometry

Kids enjoy addition, subtraction while working with coconut boxes. They learn geometry with well designed workbook.

Reduces stress in Learning mathematics

Remove the boredom and stress associated with maths learning. Give them an interesting method to make love for Mathematics.

Increase quality time of parents with kids

Coconut Boxs also help parents to relax and Create new designs with your kid every day helping a special bond between both of you.

100% safer. No health hazards

Coconut Boxs Recommended by
Inspiring Mothers

My son is showing very good development by using Coconut Boxs. For the last 8 months, he is playing with Coconut Boxs regularly. Whenever I switch off the TV, he knows he can take Coconut Boxs and enjoy even better. It helps my child to express his creativity.
Preethi, Madurai
Mother of 3 year old
My daughters are playing 3 to 4 hours everyday with Coconut Boxs. They love creating new designs every day. They are doing without any pressure and with enjoyment. Coconut Boxs reduced their screen time completely.
Kalpa, Mysore
Mother of 2.5 year old

Coconut Boxs for Lower Primary 3 skills

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Verified PonkaliRajS

Perfect gift for my daughter to create 1000 new words…
She loved it a lot.
Coconut Boxs toys Quality was too good

Verified Vignesh

These blocks are super amazing and help in learning in a fun way

Verified Ramanar

Great Indian brand for wooden toys

Verified Aravind

The activities provided with toy is so thoughtful. My son is enjoying it thoroughly.


Verified Sharmila

The quality of the wooden block is amazing. No harm to children.


Verified Preethi

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Guys don’t miss it and you’ll love it.

Verified Gokul

Great product. Very useful!!!

Verified Dharunesh

My baby is still quite small so he largely is in the mouthing phase. But I see the blocks becoming more useful in his toddler stage


Verified Dharanya

This is the perfect gift for my lovely daughter (a 5-year-old kid), this wooden block toy helps her to understand and enjoy English and maths. This product is suggested by a friend, I really thank him.

Kudos Coconut Boxs for wonderful toys!!

Questions & Answers

Coconut Boxs For Lower Primary is designed to learn English, Mathematics and Imagination skills. For each of the skills, Coconut Boxs blocks can be used with the workbook.

The workbook gives sufficient guidance. Parents or teachers can use it for giving examples and initiating the learning. Once familiar, children can learn by themselves with little help from parents/teachers.

We see building blocks as an essential learning material for kids to develop three most important skills – English, Maths and Imagination. However, any skill will be developed if only practiced for a sufficiently longer time. 10 Months is the absolute minimum time required to develop in depth skill. Coconut Boxs blocks’ size, material, quantity and packaging is organized with the sole aim of using for longer duration.

Coconut Boxs for KG are designed after considerable research at India’s best progressive School, Greenvalley International School.

  • It improves reading skills by helping the child to blend the words easily.
  • It improves counting and arithmetic skills. By practising using a mathematics board, children can themselves create maths problems and solve them.

Planning diaries are mini notes for recording the plan for the day and results after the activity. They are given so that creating designs using Coconut Boxes becomes a daily habit.

There are four planning diaries given with each diary serving for two months (60 days). For each day you use one planning page and a reflection page on the opposite side.

First, for each skill, your child has to practice 1000 times. Coconut Boxs is designed for that. I.e

Create 1000 designs using blocks – Develops imagination skill.

Create 1000 words using blocks – Develops English reading & phonics skills

Solve 1000 math problems using blocks – Develops counting and arithmetic skills.

After finishing these targets, you can buy our other products for a higher age group.

We accept returns within seven days of receiving the product. Kindly ensure that products are returned to us in the original packaging, unused and in resellable condition. Return shipping will be paid at the customers’ expense and will be required to arrange their own shipping. Once returns are received and accepted, refunds will be processed.

Coconut Boxs For Lower Primary Kids

Age 5.5 years to 7.5 years

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