First Blocks For Your

Age 1.5 years to 4 years

Give the best foundation you always wanted for your baby.

Give wings to your kids imagination.

Coconut Boxs - First Blocks

Give Coconut Boxs – Wooden Building Blocks to your toddlers and let them create 1000 designs with their imagination. Give the best foundation for your kids with first blocks. 100% safe for your kids with zero chemicals. No plastic. No Painting. Big, Better Blocks.

Every Student Of India’s Best Progressive School, Green Valley International School uses Coconut Boxs, designed to develop the Imagination skill.


It is safe, easy and durable

Big Blocks

Impossible to swallow

100 % Safe

Naturally processed wooden materials.

Easy to play

Light weight


Dirt free

Free Shipping all over India

Why Coconut Boxs First Blocks provide the best foundation?

Develops imagination skill

Toddlers see everyday new objects. Give them the building blocks to recreate them.

Develops visualization and mental images

Building blocks are ideal for toddlers to develop vivid visualization in mind.

Improves fine motor skills

Constructing a tower, shapes using building blocks develop finer finger muscles.

Improves hand & eye coordinations

Construction toys like building blocks help the toddlers’ hand and eye coordination.

Reduces exposure to screen time

Your toddlers need stable materials to play everyday and take away their time spent watching TV and mobile.

Increase quality time of parents with kids

Create new designs with your kid every day helping a special bond between both of you.

100% safer. No health hazards

Coconut Boxs Recommended by
Inspiring Mothers

My son is showing very good development by using Coconut Boxs. For the last 8 months, he is playing with Coconut Boxs regularly. Whenever I switch off the TV, he knows he can take Coconut Boxs and enjoy even better. It helps my child to express his creativity.
Preethi, Madurai
Mother of 3 year old
My daughters are playing 3 to 4 hours everyday with Coconut Boxs. They love creating new designs every day. They are doing without any pressure and with enjoyment. Coconut Boxs reduced their screen time completely.
Kalpa, Mysore
Mother of 2.5 year old

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Coconut Boxs - First Blocks

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Questions & Answers

For toddlers of age 1.5 years (18 months onwards) big, safe and wooden building blocks can be wonderful playing materials for initiating imaginative play. They help the toddlers to creatively engage themselves keeping away from mobile and TV.

Coconut Boxs wooden blocks are designed after considerable research at India’s best progressive School, Greenvalley International School.

  • The wooden block material is chosen such that it is lightweight, durable, organic (not chemically painted and no plastic usage) and non toxic.
  • Wooden Blocks are larger and longer in size. This will help the toddlers to enjoy playing with blocks safely.
  • They are manufactured for using imported pine natural wood.

Colorblock are attractive for a few days and after that initial fade goes away. Infact color blocks distract the children while creating designs. We found that single color naturally colored blocks are ideal for long term usage. We also wanted to avoid the health hazards associated with colored, chemically processed blocks for younger kids who invariably put these materials in mouth.

Constraints develop creativity. For example creating a curve is more challenging with rectangular shapes than with circle shape. We designed the two basic shapes so that any design can be possible with it. Imagineering is all about creating something unique with the basic shapes. Minimal design but maximum creativity and imagination for the children.

Yes. The material won’t shrink or expand or become defective because of washing it. You can gain the original color and look after washing the wooden blocks.

Your child can continue to use Coconut Boxs. We do have other Coconut Boxs series for Creative Thinking, Persistence and Creative Mathematics. Your kid can use these wooden blocks with other ones as well.

  • The wooden block material is chosen such that it is lightweight, durable, organic (not chemically pained and no plastic usage) and non toxic.
  • Wooden Blocks are larger and longer in size. This will help in creating unique and complex designs.
  • They are manufactured for more than 10 months usage and achieve the target of developing 1000 designs with it.

We see building blocks as an essential learning material for kids to develop one of the most important skills – imagination. However any skill will be developed if only practiced for a sufficiently longer time. 10 Months is the absolute minimum time required to develop imagination as an in depth skill. Coconut Boxs blocks’ size, material, quantity and package everything is organized with the sole aim of creating 1000 designs in a year. So we have chosen quality, safe, non toxic materials with a well supported guide book.

Most of the building blocks available in the markets are smaller in size, colorful, and plastic ones. They are not suitable for toddlers. Their size, color and packing are aimed at replicating the few models. They are not designed for developing imagination as a skill.

We accept returns within seven days of receiving the product. Kindly ensure that products are returned to us in the original packaging, unused and in resellable condition. Return shipping will be paid at the customers’ expense and will be required to arrange their own shipping. Once returns are received and accepted, refunds will be processed.

First Blocks For Your Toddlers

Age 1.5 years to 4 years

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